Alabama’s Spooky Legend: The Haunting Tale of the ‘White Thang’

Alabama's Spooky Legend The Haunting Tale of the 'White Thang'

A White “Thang”: What is it?

Like with the cryptid, Alabama’s White Thang is our Bigfoot. According to a 2019 survey, White Thang is the state of Alabama’s most mythological creature.

The creature has been sighted since the turn of the 20th century. White Thang may be a cousin of the fabled Bigfoot and is reported to live in north central Alabama.

Its brilliant crimson eyes and snow-white hair are described in most accounts as being present. The creature is described by some as being about eight feet tall with two legs and having an ape-like appearance, while others claim it resembles a white lion or a kangaroo with a cat’s head. Additionally, other witnesses claimed that it lacked any discernible ears or eyes. The varied accounts could be explained by the belief held by some that the beast is capable of changing its shape.

The animal can move very swiftly for its size and can stand or run on all fours. How about allegations that it can climb trees, jump fences, smell so bad it makes you sick, and make a high-pitched shriek that sounds like a woman screaming? If none of those things scare you, what else would? On a stroll through the woods, I most definitely wouldn’t want to run into this guy.

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The triangle formed by the counties of Morgan, Etowah, and Jefferson is where most sightings have place. Hunters in the middle of the woods have reported seeing the creature lurking in their yards and neighborhoods, while others have seen it in person.

Elderly residents in the neighborhood claim that White Thang was most frequently spotted close to wakes held after a local person passed dead. Some claim he would show up at hog killings. Is it a spirit of some kind, a protector, or is it just drawn to the death odor, according to this association?

What Was the Origin of White Thang?

Well, it’s difficult to identify the source of anything for which there is insufficient proof. Thus, nobody can be certain.

White Thang might have been mistakenly classified as an albino black bear or cougar. Some locals think it’s an exotic animal that escaped and isn’t native to the area, or they think it’s a known animal with a genetic mutation. There has also been speculation that it could be an albino “devil monkey,” a cryptid that has been seen in the Appalachian Mountains.

Some go a bit further and assert that it is an extraterrestrial, supernatural being, guardian spirit, or naturalist.

But Is It a True Story?

Many people naturally believe that if White Thang was real, we would have found it by now. However, Alabama would be the ideal site for a monster like this to call home if it were to remain undiscovered for this long. As of 2020, Alabama’s borders included an estimated 23,093,930 acres of forest land.

In terms of species richness, Alabama ranks fourth in the US thanks to its biodiversity. It is not at all out of the question to consider that one of the state’s claimed 6,350 species may still be undiscovered. In actuality, simply crawfish comprise approximately 450 different species in Alabama, compared to only 9 in the far bigger state of California.

Not to add, the state’s vast cave system in the northeastern region ranks third in the world for the diversity of cave organisms. We might rank much higher because the majority of the caves haven’t been investigated, and we might even find evidence of life that we never thought existed. At least 76 new species have been found in Alabama alone just this decade.

Go Further!

Locals discuss details about the creature and post sightings on a Facebook page dedicated to developing knowledge about Alabama’s White Thang. There are also several documentaries available on YouTube. While John Rare conducted a hunt for White Thang in the north-central Alabama woods and includes eyewitness and local accounts, Mystery Junkie offers possibilities.

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Alabama and have been somewhat of a Bigfoot nut. It astounded me to learn that until lately, I had never heard of White Thang! I have little doubt that I will be researching this possible monster in further detail in the future.

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