Must-Read: Alabama Education Board Takes Stand on Cell Phone Use in Schools

Must-Read Alabama Education Board Takes Stand on Cell Phone Use in Schools

A woman using her phone to scroll. On Thursday, the Alabama State Board of Education passed a resolution endorsing local school boards to impose cell phone use policies.

A resolution advocating for more stringent regulations on cell phone use in schools was approved by the Alabama State Board of Education on Thursday.

The resolution, which passed with complete support, urges local education boards to control the usage of electronic communication devices on school grounds. Additionally, the resolution states that the state board “strongly” urges local boards to adopt formal regulations restricting the use of devices on school grounds, believing that limited use is preferable for both kids and staff.

Additionally, the resolution urges local education boards to train staff members and instructors on the policy and offer support.

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Before the vote, Eric Mackey, the superintendent of state schools, stated, “It is more about screen time and social media.” “Students are using their cell phones as a tool to access social media,”

According to Mackey, the state statute that currently governs “electronic devices” was created when pagers were a problem. According to him, local boards are encouraged to review and revise their policies in light of this resolution.

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He stated, “In certain instances, we know they haven’t received any updates since the pager days.”

He noted that local boards still have the option to permit cell phones.

He stated, “Back in the ’90s, the Legislature did deem that ultimate decision with local boards, and that’s still on the book.”

Sally Smith, the executive director of the Alabama Association of School Boards, received a voicemail on Thursday afternoon.

Following the board meeting, Mackey told reporters that several school boards throughout the state had already imposed cell phone use restrictions. According to research, students who abstain from social media and texting throughout the school day perform better academically and have fewer behavioral issues.

“We want better academic standing and fewer disciplinary issues,” he stated.

Studies show that when cell phones are banned from schools, pupils learn the material better and have less anxiety, according to the 74.

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