Atlanta Hospital Tragedy Update: Medical Examiner Labels Baby’s Death a Homicide

Atlanta Hospital Tragedy Update Medical Examiner Labels Baby's Death a Homicide

The death of a newborn who was beheaded in a hospital has been determined to be a homicide, according to Clayton County medical examiners.

As we previously reported, the horrific event occurred back in July. The lawsuit was directed toward the hospital and the doctor, claiming that they both used excessive force and postponed surgical intervention, which led to this unfathomable tragedy.

At Southern Regional Medical Center in Clayton County on July 9, Jessica Ross, 20, and Treveon Isaiah Taylor, Sr., the baby’s parents, went into labor with their son, Treveon Isaiah Taylor, Jr. According to their lawsuit, the baby became stuck after roughly ten hours of Ross’ labor and was ultimately beheaded. Doctors allegedly “pulled on the baby’s head and neck so hard and manipulated them so hard, that the baby’s skull, head, and neck were broken,” according to the lawsuit.

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Southern Regional Medical Center refuted the accusations after the incident became public, claiming confidentiality regulations prohibited them from talking about individual patient care. To make a terrible scenario even more concerning, the lawsuit further asserts that hospital employees tried to conceal the incident. To get justice for their baby’s tragic and premature death, the parents were requesting specific punitive damages.

These claims bring to light the extreme anguish and suffering that Jessica Ross and Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr. have gone through in the wake of their infant’s untimely death. For every parent, losing a child is an unfathomable tragedy; but, when it occurs in such a horrifying way, their sorrow is just heightened.

The complaint not only demands that the doctor answer for his purported conduct, but it also highlights the hospital staff’s involvement in the attempt to conceal the beheading.

This presents grave questions regarding accountability and transparency in the healthcare system. It is unacceptable to try to hide or minimize medical errors, and patients and their families should have the utmost confidence that they are getting the best care available.

Following the release of this new information, representatives from Southern Regional Medical Center released a statement in which they stated that Tracy St. Julian, the physician who delivered the baby, is not and has never been an employee of the hospital and that “this unfortunate infant death occurred in utero before the delivery and decapitation.”

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