Alabama Ban and Castrate Rapists: What is the Solution For

Alabama Ban and Castrate Rapists What is the Solution For

A Democrat from Alabama has pre-filed a bill that would add a rape exception to the state’s complete prohibition on abortion. In an odd and superfluous twist, the bill would also require male offenders to have vasectomy “or some form of castration.”

During her Sunday interview with WVTM, state representative Juandalynn Givan (D) described her bill as “simple.” “The measure would oblige a male, if found guilty, to undergo a vasectomy or some type of castration if there is a woman who has been raped, or if there is a little girl who has been raped or incest is involved.”

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This portion of the bill appears to be a reiteration of the current law, which mandates that anyone found guilty of a sexual offense against a minor undergo reversible chemical castration treatment at least one month before being granted parole.

Givan went on to say, “No one’s telling a man what not to do with his private parts,” and her bill will “start a dialogue.” Additionally, it would expand the ban under Alabama’s medical emergency exception, which presently only permits abortions in cases where the health of the expectant mother is in immediate danger.

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