Big Incident! Murder Charges For NYC Woman Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Boyfriend

Big Incident! Murder Charges For NYC Woman Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Boyfriend

CCG – Prosecutors said on Tuesday that a Harlem woman has been charged with murder in connection with her boyfriend’s stabbing death over the weekend. The victim recognized her as his suspected attacker before passing away.

Alejandro Santos, 47, was found staggering out of his West 147th Street apartment on Sunday afternoon, hammering on the doors of neighbors as he bled from wounds on his arm and chest. Michelle Hernandez, 44, is charged with killing him.

According to a complaint filed in Manhattan criminal court, Santos allegedly told a neighbor who answered their door, “She stabbed me,” before stating, “I think I’m going to pass out,” and falling.

During Hernandez’s Tuesday hearing, an assistant district attorney said that Hernandez had then come out of the apartment, and told the neighbors that Santos had been stabbed and where the knife was, before reportedly crouching down and speaking in the victim’s ear.

The fatal stabbing occurred on Sunday afternoon at an apartment complex on West 147th Street in Harlem. An expert from Google Maps CSI claims that murder in space is “inevitable,” which is why he is already researching extremely high crime rates.

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She allegedly threatened to put him in jail if he told anyone who had stabbed him.

Santos was sent to the Harlem Hospital and later declared deceased.

Hernandez was detained and questioned by police twice; during each session, he evaded answering questions about the circumstances and said that Santos had stabbed himself, according to the prosecution.

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Hernandez claimed that before he stabbed himself, he had promised to inform people that she had stabbed Santos when the police questioned her about Santos’ last-minute assertion to their neighbor that she had done it.

According to the ADA, Hernandez suffered a cut on her hand that might have been caused by a knife, and when the police searched the flat, they found two bloodied knives and security cameras.

Police accused her on Monday, stating that the stabbing was the result of a “domestic dispute.”

The prosecution stated that the couple moved in roughly two years ago, having met while living together in a shelter a few years prior.

It was also disclosed in court that they had at least one prior altercation during that time, in which Hernandez allegedly threatened to jump out of their window, prompting 911 to be called.

Hernandez has a history of substance abuse and erratic, violent behavior.

The prosecution stated that earlier instances included breaking another shelter resident’s arm in 2017 and kicking an eight-month-pregnant lady in the stomach during a fight at the shelter where she resided. After receiving a two-year probationary term, she spent eleven months in jail.

Her court appearance is scheduled for May 22 and she was ordered to be detained without bond.

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