Arrest Made in Fallbrook Manhunt Following Shocking Discovery

Arrest Made in Fallbrook Manhunt Following Shocking Discovery

Yesterday, an unknown guy was discovered dead at a depressing scene in Fallbrook, where police were responding to a disconnected request for assistance when chaos broke out.

About 4:30 p.m., the body was found near the 1600 block of S. Mission Road, according to a statement that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department was able to receive.

Deputies launched a manhunt after hearing reports of a blood-soaked guy running away on foot. They quickly set up a perimeter in order to apprehend the alleged murderer.

Arrest Made in Fallbrook Manhunt Following Shocking Discovery (1)

As per the Sheriff’s Department news release, a tense foot chase ensued after a neighbor reported seeing someone strange in their yard, which finally resulted in the detention of the bloodied culprit.

Officials have not yet notified next of kin, therefore the victim’s identity is still unknown, leaving the community to wait in agony for information.

After a seemingly violent death, the Sheriff’s Homicide Unit is carefully piecing together the story that led to it. At this point, there are no more suspects at large.

Investigators continue to try to piece together what happened even though the suspect is still unidentified and under the surveillance of the authorities. Calling (858) 285-6330 during business hours or (858) 565-5200 after hours, as indicated in the message, is the Sheriff Department’s call to action for anyone with information. Call (888) 580-8477 to reach Crime Stoppers, which provides an anonymous tip line.

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