Assault at California Sheriff’s Office: Man Returns, Attacks Gate and Deputies

Assault at California Sheriff's Office Man Returns, Attacks Gate and Deputies

On Saturday, February 10, at approximately three in the morning, a dramatic occurrence occurred when deputies from the San Diego County Ramona Sheriff’s Substation came upon a group of six people near the intersection of La Brea and Ramona Streets.

Three people were arrested as a consequence of the incident for illegally possessing drugs and concealed weapons. Jorge Aguilar (DOB: 01/07/2003), one of the arrestees, is currently being held on serious charges for reportedly smashing his pickup truck into a fence at the Ramona Sheriff’s Substation, according to the deputies.

After being taken into custody for carrying a concealed handgun, Aguilar was released from the Ramona Sheriff’s Substation with a court appearance notice. But when Aguilar returned to the substation at around 7:30 a.m., deputies claimed, he used his pickup truck to smash the back gate before leaving the area. This is when things became worse.

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Thanks to locals who witnessed the collision, deputies were able to quickly identify Aguilar as the driver who caused the car accident. Investigators said that after the destructive act, deputies found Aguilar’s damaged pickup parked at his Ramona home.

Law enforcement personnel moved quickly to get in touch with Aguilar, who was taken to jail without any problems. The sheriff’s department claims that because of the extent of the damage done to the substation’s gate, Aguilar is now charged with felony vandalism in addition to the original charge of carrying a concealed firearm.

Three of the six people at the junction were found to be illegally in possession of drugs and concealed firearms by officers, which set off a chain of events that resulted in their criminal charges relating to drugs and firearms. At the scene, the remaining three people were released.

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