Cold Case: East Columbus Homicide Investigation Stagnates After Three Years

Cold Case East Columbus Homicide Investigation Stagnates After Three Years

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – East of Columbus’ Downtown, Columbus police and Central Ohio Crime Stoppers are looking for leads in a 2020 homicide that claimed the life of one woman.

Police were called to a BP gas station on East Broad Street in the Old Towne East district, just east of Interstate 71, on October 18, 2020, in response to allegations of gunfire. Officers discovered Loubna Lassadi, 25, inside a car with a gunshot wound when they arrived. At the scene, medics declared her dead.

Lassaadi’s boyfriend reported to the police that he drove to the petrol station to get assistance after an unknown gunman fired shots at them close by. He explained that the suspect drove a black SUV.

The ghost of an unsolved murder in East Columbus still haunts the neighborhood over three years after the horrific incident, a gloomy reminder of unfulfilled justice. Loved ones of the victim and locals alike are left with unanswered concerns and a sense of dread as a result of the case’s continued ambiguity despite intensive attempts by law enforcement personnel and requests for information from the public.

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That incident, which happened, rocked East Columbus and caused shockwaves across the area. Because they were a cherished part of the community and well-known for their generosity and kindness, the victim’s identity has been kept out of respect for the family’s privacy. Friends, family, and neighbors in the neighborhood were left reeling from their unexpected deaths, which caused a rift in their grief and incredulity.

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The homicide’s mystery has only grown with time, despite the police’ early promises that it would be expeditiously investigated. Many leads have been followed and thorough investigation work has been done, but critical discoveries have not materialized, frustrating investigators and unsettling the public.

Uncertainty has been replaced by rumors and conjecture, which has stoked suspicions about suspects and possible agendas. But these arguments remain just suppositions in the absence of concrete evidence to back them up, adding to the complexity of an already intricate investigation.

It hasn’t taken much time for the victim’s loved ones to find closure or to lessen the agony of their loss. The emptiness they left behind and the unsolved problems that torment them get more and more apparent with every day that goes by.

Authorities are reiterating their calls for any information that could help apprehend the offender as the case moves into its fourth year without a conclusion. They stress how important it is to pay attention to even the slightest details and exhort anyone with knowledge, no matter how minor, to come forward and help with the inquiry.

To ensure that the victim and their loved ones receive justice in the interim, the community is still unified in its resolve. A moving reminder of the tragedy’s lasting effects and the unshakable unity of those impacted by it are provided by candlelight vigils, memorials, and gestures of remembering.

The community is adamant about seeking justice, even though the path to resolution may be difficult and drawn out. They maintain the hope that the truth will eventually come to light and the offender will be held accountable for their acts while they continue to pay tribute to the victim’s memory and provide support to one another during their grieving process. For the time being, however, the eerie memory of the East Columbus murder acts as a sobering reminder of the transience of life and the never-ending pursuit of justice in the face of catastrophe.

For any information that results in the arrest and/or indictment of the person or people responsible for this crime, Crime Stoppers is offering a cash prize. Anyone with information is asked to submit their tip by visiting or by calling Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS (8477).

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