Country Club Makes Shocking Allegation: Ex-Controller Accused of $500,000 Theft

Country Club Makes Shocking Allegation Ex-Controller Accused of $500,000 Theft

The town of Anderson Township, Ohio (WKRC). One of the former staff members of a well-known country club and golf course in the Tri-State is being sued by the establishment, which claims he stole over $250,000.

The controller of Anderson Township’s Coldstream Country Club, Kinley Lee, failed to report for duty in November. He may have fled with the money after management looked into it, and they now believe he is in Mexico. In a civil suit submitted in late December, the club charged Lee with the plot.

Lee’s wife is also included in the lawsuit by Coldstream, who claims that the couple visited Mexico following the purported stoles.

Lee had at least four distinct methods, according to Christopher McDowell, the club’s attorney, including moving money from his personal PayPal account to his work credit card and writing fake checks to himself.

Coldstream learned of their destination, according to the lawsuit, since Lee transferred their belongings to a particular address in that nation using club funds.

Considering the amount of the purchases, I believe he was just depositing cash directly into his account. These were not very big. This was mostly a financial theft, according to McDowell. A specific quantity of money can be taken in every situation if you have an insider—someone you trust, someone with access to all of your accounts, and who doesn’t care whether they get caught or not.

Country Club Makes Shocking Allegation Ex-Controller Accused of $500,000 Theft (1)

Using the money, he continued, the couple also purchased two cars. Mercedes-Benz and Kia Telluride are listed in the case.

Coldstream may have thought the pair had a large debt from gaming, according to McDowell.

“Generally, when I deal with these cases, it’s one of three things: drugs, women, or gambling,” stated the attorney. “In this case, one of the last pictures posted on her [Lee’s wife’s] Facebook was them at the casino.”

Within a week, McDowell anticipates a criminal indictment in state court, he tells Local 12; the club is also collaborating with federal investigators and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

There is a person of interest in the case, according to Hamilton County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kyla Woods, who confirmed the criminal investigation on Thursday. She did not offer any further details.

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