Dallas Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run, Suspect Faces Serious Charges

Dallas Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run, Suspect Faces Serious Charges

Tragically, at the intersection of Jim Miller Road and Bruton Road, a Dallas woman lost her life early on Wednesday morning in what appears to have been a fatal hit-and-run accident, according to police reports.

Maria Guerrero, 42, was the victim—named by the Medical Examiner as the deceased—who was traveling home from work when her car was hit fatally.

Billy Ray Williamson, the 26-year-old suspect, is accused of losing control of his SUV, causing it to collide with a curb, and a traffic light post, and roll across the street before colliding with Guerrero’s Toyota Corolla.

Dallas Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run, Suspect Faces Serious Charges (1)

Williamson is reported to have driven off the scene in a different car.

Marlene Hernandez, Guerrero’s niece, paid tribute to her departed family member in a statement that FOX 4 News was able to obtain: “Strong, independent, loving, and caring.” “She was like a second mom to many of us,” the speaker said, “I miss her so much.”

In an apparent attempt to avoid accountability for the collision, Williamson reportedly reported his car as stolen on a 911 call he made after leaving the scene, according to law enforcement authorities who spoke with WFAA.

Williamson was eventually arrested and charged with collision involving death notwithstanding his best efforts.

Williamson’s bond is currently set at $50,000. A family is left to deal with the unexpected loss in the wake of the occurrence, and the community must deal with the fallout from one moment of carelessness. Guerrero was killed in the crash less than half a mile from her home, a fact that her loved ones recall with fondness. The legal system will now run its course to confront the extent of Williamson’s alleged activities as the case develops.

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