Delivery Driver’s Error Leads to Tragedy: Family Mourns Loss of Beloved Pet

Delivery Driver's Error Leads to Tragedy Family Mourns Loss of Beloved Pet

Montgomery, Alabama (WBRC) – Rose Kirk reports that Sunday night was uneventful for her and her kids up until they noticed an Amazon truck outside their home. Before things got worse, Solar and Lunar, the family’s two dogs, were lying in rockers on the porch.

“My dog made that little sound, and the next thing I knew, there was a gunshot right outside my front door,” Kirk recalls.

Kirk disputes the claim made by Hueytown Police that the motorist shot the dog in self-defense. The driver, according to her, ignored the dogs and kept going to the front door.

Kirk replies, “If you see a dog, why are you approaching it so steadily if it could hurt you?” “I will not approach a dog if I do not know it.”

When the motorist shot Solar while his sister Lunar was watching, the family was shocked to learn of the incident. As for why they were at her house, Kirk claims she has no idea.

Delivery Driver's Error Leads to Tragedy Family Mourns Loss of Beloved Pet

“My dog was wearing a leash when I noticed all the blood leaking from it.” Kirk claims that “he was on a chain.” “Why did you decide to approach my porch? They were both seated in their chairs. Even though he was aware of them, he did not retreat. Let’s say I never ordered an item, and he needed to deliver it. He was not supposed to be on my land.

According to Kirk, the bullet went into Solar’s shoulder and out of his chest. His internal bleeding is now present, and his family will have to pay thousands for his operations.

No charges will be brought against the motorist, according to law enforcement. Kirk remarks, “That was reckless.” “Where the bullet ricocheted, you can see, was right by our door.” In 2017, the family took both of the dogs from the Birmingham Humane Society.

Kirk explains, “The woman at the shelter says the rest of them were split up, so I took them in, and they’ve been our love.” They didn’t do anything improper. They were at their residence.

Lunar is worried about her brother right now. Kirk claims that “she’s been crying every time she hears a dog cry outside; she thinks it’s Solar.” “She doesn’t understand that it’s not him and that he’s not here,” I have to tell her.

According to an Amazon representative, it is not permitted for drivers to carry guns. He revealed the following: The Hueytown Police Department is being contacted while they conduct their investigation, and we are in communication with the client. The concerned driver is no longer transporting packages for Amazon.

The family expresses gratitude that solar is still available, but they anticipate a difficult recovery. A GoFundMe was made by them.

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