Man from Hephzibah Accused of Raping Minor on Facebook Live

Man from Hephzibah accused of raping minor on Facebook live

Following allegations of raping a minor on Facebook Live, a Hephzibah man was been placed under custody.

Accused of rape, child molestation, providing alcohol to a minor, and two charges of luring a kid for indecent purposes, James Edward Mickens Jr., 42, is listed in court documents.

For a sexual assault, deputies from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office rushed to the Quality Inn on the 2000 block of Gordon Highway on Friday. As to the incident report, a witness informed the deputies that Mickens had made a reservation for a room and had returned with two girls, ages 14 and 15.

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The witness stated that she and her friend went to Mickens’ room after hearing loud noises and that the females fled the room when he opened the door and revealed his undressed body.

Mickens was taken into custody by deputies, and one of the parents of the children present stated that she got a call from a family member claiming that her daughter was being sexually abused on Facebook Live, per the report.

The girls were transferred to Augusta University Medical Center for medical attention after deputies observed in the report that they seemed to be intoxicated.

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