From TikTok to Texas: Keith Lee’s Culinary Exploration in the Lone Star State

From TikTok to Texas Keith Lee's Culinary Exploration in the Lone Star State

Keith Lee, the popular TikTok chef, is visiting Texas again, this time in Dallas. Lee traveled to Houston in December of last year to sample some of the city’s independent, locally-owned eateries. If you are unfamiliar with Lee’s dining preferences, he typically frequents mom-and-pop restaurants that are struggling to make ends meet. He buys his food, which he later tastes while driving.

Lee mentioned that this tour is unique. He has added restaurant categories to his TikTok culinary tour of Dallas. He will continue to focus on neighborhood eateries that require assistance in expanding their reach.

“Local favorites” will choose the other categories through voting in a survey on his Instagram stories. Finding a variety of restaurants run and owned by people of different ethnicities falls under the third category.

Additional food-related news: Squishmallows and McDonald’s collaborate on a new Happy Meal. Although he hasn’t stated when exactly he will be traveling to Dallas, keep an eye on his TikTok.

The following is a list of Dallas restaurants that Keith Lee has been to and may like to try:

  • Dallas has Two Podners

Cuisine type: Soulfood/BBQ
$17.00 is the average price.
1441 Robert B. Cullum Blvd., Dallas, TX 75210 – Address

From TikTok to Texas Keith Lee's Culinary Exploration in the Lone Star State (1)

A long-standing, family-run eatery close to Fair Park in Dallas. well-known for their BBQ sandwich, fried catfish, and other products. A Dallas mainstay where Keith Lee might make an appearance.

  • Houston’s Puddery

Cuisine type: desserts

$8.00 – Average price

5517 Broadway St. Suite M, Pearland, TX 77581 is the address.

After Lee visited this dessert shop in Pearland, things there haven’t been the same. Their website states that they are restricted in what they can provide because of the “Keith Lee effect.” They currently sell cheesecake on a stick, banana pudding, and profiles—a waffle/croissant hybrid topped with Oreos and whipped cream.

  • Houston’s Butter Funk Kitchen

Cuisine style: Cajun/soul cuisine

$15 – Average price

Address: 77051, Houston, Texas, 8511 Scott St., Ste. G

Aaron Johnson, the owner of Butter Funk, claimed he was unable to meet the demand for his catfish after Keith Lee dined there. It appears that gumbo is also a common request.

  • Mezza Grille—Harris

Cuisine type

The mean cost: $17

Address: 15477057, 6100 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas

After Lee commended the Pakistani-owned restaurant for its Mediterranean-style meats, salads, and other delectable dishes, Houston Public Media reports that the business amassed a sizable social media following, with some 12,000 TikTok followers. The beef shish kabob received a nine out of ten from Lee.

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