In Texas Kidnapping Victim’s Harrowing Run Across East Lubbock Field Exposed

In Texas Kidnapping Victim's Harrowing Run Across East Lubbock Field Exposed

LUBBOCK, Texas — More information about how a victim managed to escape after being abducted by 36-year-old Luis Rodriguez was disclosed in a report from the Lubbock Police Department that was received on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, he was indicted on charges of kidnapping, ongoing violence against the family, and breathing obstruction assault against a household member.

Rodriguez was allegedly charged by Everything of kidnapping, strangling, and striking a woman in the face in late December. Court records were severely censored, but further details regarding the incident could be found in a police report.

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Rodriguez allegedly got in touch with the victim to ask for her “identifying information” from his location. According to the woman, Rodriguez urged her to sit on the couch when she arrived at his house by bus. According to the allegation, Rodriguez continued punching and strangling the victim after leaving the room.

According to the complaint, Rodriguez “threatened to kill [the victim] multiple times” and urged the victim to go to the bedroom.

“The victim stated she felt she could be killed, strangled, or assaulted if she attempted to leave,” the police report added.

The victim characterized the sleeping area as an open-area space with an adjacent office-style room, per the report. The victim said that a padlock was used to shut one of the doors. According to the complaint, dressers and other objects blocked the windows.

Rodriguez reportedly stated he was heading outdoors to work on the house at one point in the report. The victim managed to open the front door and flee by sprinting into a field and across the street. According to the complaint, the victim called 911 on the phone of an unidentified woman.

Officers searched for Rodriguez after being called, but they were unable to do so at the moment. He was later taken into custody on January 18 near the 3300 block of 13th Street, according to online jail records.

Rodriguez was still being held at the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Tuesday, with a $165,001 bail.

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