Loved Ones Advocate for Justice in Cigar Shop Owner’s Fatal Shooting

Loved Ones Advocate for Justice in Cigar Shop Owner's Fatal Shooting

Columbus, Ohio (WSYX) – An apparent act of road rage last year resulted in the shooting death of a local cigar shop owner. His family says he is still seeking justice.

Driving on I-670 in November, 52-year-old Bret Bennett lost his life. Police think that an incident involving road rage was the cause of the tragic gunshot.

The tragedy was spoken in public for the first time on Sunday by Bridget Norris, Bennett’s younger sister, in an interview with ABC 6. He was kind and involved in the community, which is how she recalls him.

Right now, it’s quite tough. Norris remarked, “I find it unbelievable that he’s not here.” “You put so many people at risk when you flip out like that, and it’s senseless.”

According to Norris, her brother sold cigars at Village Cigars, a well-known establishment in German Village. She claims that Bennett’s shop was well-known.

Loved Ones Advocate for Justice in Cigar Shop Owner's Fatal Shooting
“I never would have imagined that I was going to find out from police that something happened to my brother,” Norris claimed. “We’re hoping to keep what Bret would have wanted and to keep that legacy alive.”

About the gunshot, Tony Brock, 37, was placed under arrest. Police were informed by Brock’s lawyer that he had confessed to killing Bennett and had assisted them in finding his truck and pistol. But Brock was out from prison on bond less than a week later.

Unable to find sufficient evidence to indict Brock, a Franklin County Grand Jury declared in December. The murder charges in the case were refiled by the prosecutors just last week. As per the lawyer Brock, he has entered a not-guilty plea to the allegations.

“It’s hard to grieve and be in a place where you have to wait, and there’s no guarantee that you’re going to have justice,” Norris commented.

It is her brother’s murder that she claims demands justice. “I want accountability, and I know that nothing is going to bring Bret back,” Norris declared.

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To live up to his memory and make sure that people remember him for who he was rather than how he passed away, Norris intends to carry on his legacy at the cigar shop. Loved ones of a beloved cigar shop owner are still grieving his passing months after his terrible death and are working to bring the senseless act of violence that took his life to justice. Those who knew and loved the victim were deeply affected by the shocking occurrence that happened on I-670.

Authorities think that the victim, a well-liked cigar shop owner who was renowned for his kindness and friendly demeanor, was the subject of a targeted attack when he was shot and killed while driving on I-670. Family, friends, and clients were left to deal with shockwaves from his sudden and brutal death, which left them feeling bewildered and grieving.

Family members have banded together since the shooting to respect the victim’s memory and fight for justice on his behalf. To honor his life and help his family through this trying time, vigils, memorials, and fundraising events have been planned. Community members have also united behind campaigns to increase awareness and urge anyone with knowledge regarding the incident to come forward.

The anguish of losing a loved one in such a horrific way never goes away for those who were closest to the person. The emptiness left by his disappearance is bittersweetly reminded by memories of his generosity, humor, and love of cigars.

Authorities are still determined to find and capture the people who carried out the shooting as long as the inquiry is ongoing. Public aid has been requested by law enforcement, who are pleading with anyone with knowledge to come forward and assist in apprehending the offenders.

In addition to holding the offenders accountable, bringing the victim’s loved ones closer to closure and helping them heal from an unfathomable loss is what the pursuit of justice means. Their will to see justice done and make sure their loved one’s memory is respected and treated with dignity is unwavering.

The community’s outpouring of sympathy and solidarity gives bereaved families strength throughout their time of mourning. Reminding them that they are not alone in their pursuit of justice, condolence messages, deeds of kindness, and displays of solidarity are consoling.

Family members and friends who have lost a close friend, member of the community, and source of inspiration are holding onto hope that justice will be served and that the victim’s legacy will go on for years to come as a source of inspiration and light. All those who knew and loved him will always hold a special place in their hearts for him as a beloved presence.

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