Major Drug Bust Unfolds in Coffee County, Resulting in Two Additional Arrests

Major Drug Bust Unfolds in Coffee County, Resulting in Two Additional Arrests

A deputy claimed to have seen a gun and maybe drugs tossed out of the car during a chase, and as was reported this morning, the two people were taken into custody shortly before the car crashed behind a nearby school. A third complaint from that day listed the driver of the vehicle, who was also the subject of the first arrest that day, according to reports.

According to deputies, Chance Casem and Danea Hope were the two occupants following the collision. A 4th Amendment waiver search of Casem’s home on Jacob’s Circle in Douglas was carried out by Coffee County Drug Unit detectives, according to the source.

Detectives claim to have found a significant amount of methamphetamine and a tiny amount of suspected MDMA during the search.

Susie Jewell, 61, of Douglas, who also lived at the address, was contacted, according to the detective. A small amount of suspected methamphetamine was found on Jewell’s property after she permitted authorities to search it.

Methamphetamine trafficking and MDMA possession were the charges brought against Casem, while methamphetamine possession was the charge against Jewell. As per the CCSO roster, she was subsequently freed.

Agents responded to a Douglas home on Lakeside Drive at approximately five o’clock that day to speak with Valerie Cox, 43. Sources alleged that Cox had methamphetamine at the residence “through investigative techniques,” according to the article.

Major Drug Bust Unfolds in Coffee County, Resulting in Two Additional Arrests (1)

Copied from the report, Cox opened the back door, looked up at the detective, then slammed it shut as the detective arrived at the house. That’s when he heard a flush from the toilet, the investigator reported, “giving him reason to believe that Cox had flushed the potential contraband down the toilet.”

According to the report, since two of the three residences had Fourth Amendment waivers as part of their probationary orders, detectives started searching the house for contraband or illegal substances.

Following his discovery of the septic tank service port, the investigator reported that he opened the tank and found three suspected grams of MDMA, fourteen grams of suspected methamphetamine, and another bag of methamphetamine wrapped individually. The report states that two digital scales were found in Cox’s bedroom by the detectives.

When Cox noticed that the suspected drugs were on the property, she admitted to flushing them down the toilet during a Mirandized interrogation, the detective claimed. The detective was allegedly informed by Cox that she had just moved into the house the day before, having previously lived in a shed with Casem Chance and that she had disposed of the drugs “because she did not want it around her.” That was the same house the detective had just checked out, according to Cox. The deputy added that after the materials were weighed and filled, a positive test result was obtained.

As per the court documents, Cox was accused of tampering with evidence, possessing a controlled substance (MDMA), and possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.

Cox remains under arrest as of Thursday afternoon.

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