Miami-Dade Detective’s Testimony Sheds Light on Twins’ Final Moments at Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald’s

Miami-Dade Detective's Testimony Sheds Light on Twins' Final Moments at Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald’s

Miami: In testimony given on Wednesday during a pre-trial detention hearing, a Miami-Dade police detective stated that the mother had taken her fraternal twins to McDonald’s and Chuck E. Cheese in the hours before their discovery dead and frothing at the mouth in her SUV.

According to Detective Malia Carson, Milendhet and Milendhere Napoleon-Cadet, three-year-olds, were told by Shirlene Alcime, who is accused of two charges of child negligence, that she wished for their final happy day.

Although Alcime was not charged with murder as of Wednesday, investigators noted in an arrest report from mid-February that the 42-year-old had been “planning, for approximately the last two months,” to “murder” her two children as a result of debt and financial difficulties.

Early on February 2, the two kids were discovered unconscious in the SUV near the Florida Turnpike extension on Interstate 95. She allegedly urged the tow truck driver to contact 911 when he got to the area, and just as the police were about to arrive, she attempted suicide by jumping off an overpass.

Miami-Dade Detective's Testimony Sheds Light on Twins' Final Moments at Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald’s (1)

Alice, a resident of North Miami Beach, was hospitalized on Wednesday and was not present for the hearing. Miami-Dade police Officer Edwin Ramos stated, “She got onto the side barrier of the highway and laid on it and rolled over the edge.”

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Carson stated in court that Alcime was discovered by the police “moaning and crawling” on a set of railroad tracks. She stated in court that Carson warned her that if she left her kids with their father, they would wind up “homeless or sleeping in a car” due to financial strain.

Carson, who testified on Alcime’s travels in the preceding hours, stated that Alcime informed her that she took the twins to McDonald’s and Chuck E. Cheese because “she wanted the kids to have a good day.”

Carson recalled, “After that, she got them into the car and started driving.” Carson stated that Alcime could not explain why her twins were discovered in the car foaming at the mouth.

Alcime’s counsel advocated for her release, but Judge Ellen Venzer denied their request, stating that Alcime posed a risk to the public.

According to Venzer, “the appropriate bond is no bond.” The case is currently pending toxicology results. A different Miami-Dade judge brought up the prospect of murder charges following the findings during a prior hearing.

In this case, Alcime has entered a not-guilty plea. On March 19, a status hearing was scheduled.

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