Texas Border Security Amid Crisis: Tennessee Governor Lee Pledges More Troops

Texas Border Security Amid Crisis Tennessee Governor Lee Pledges More Troops

To talk about the current border crisis, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee recently visited Eagle Pass, Texas. The most serious one the US has seen in decades, he said. They discussed state-level security enhancements in response to perceived deficiencies in the federal government, together with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and twelve other governors.

To help Texas secure its borders, Governor Lee promised to provide two more battalions of Tennessee National Guard personnel.

Concerns regarding the effects of what he called the “open border policy” were expressed by Governor Lee. He made a connection between this and an increase in people, drug, and crime trafficking.

He emphasized that state governors must play a key role in safeguarding the southern border and that prompt action is vital. In addition, he declared the two Tennessee battalions’ deployment to support Texas.

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To organize the deployment, Texas and the Tennessee Department of Military are collaborating. Within sixty days, they hope to send the first contingent of volunteer Tennessee National Guard members to the border. Tennessee has a history of helping Texas secure its borders, and this is just one more example.

To combat the rise in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and illegal crossings, Tennessee has continuously supplied resources, despite criticism. Three years ago, Tennessee dispatched hundreds of soldiers to the southern border.

In the process of wrapping up a year-long deployment, more than 125 troops from the Tennessee National Guard’s 1175th Transportation Company are helping U.S. Customs and Border Protection with surveillance projects.

Several governors, including representatives from Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Utah, attended the border crisis briefing.

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