The 5 Worst and Most Dangerous Areas in Louisiana, You Should Avoid

The 5 Worst and Most Dangerous Areas in Louisiana, You Should Avoid

Although Louisiana is well-known for its wonderful food, lively culture, and extensive history, there are some locations where safety and crime are issues.

Though the state is generally safe and friendly, there are several areas with higher crime rates, therefore vigilance is suggested. Knowing these locations can help you stay safe whether you’re a guest or a resident.

The Top 5 Worst and Most Dangerous Areas in Louisiana

The following are the top five places in Louisiana to avoid because they are the worst and most dangerous:

1. New Orleans East:

The city has a significant crime rate, especially in the eastern portion, despite the attraction of its famous French Quarter and vibrant music scene.

High incidence of violent crime, such as robberies, assaults, and homicides, have plagued New Orleans East. It is advisable for travelers to proceed with caution, particularly while exploring unknown neighborhoods after dark.

2. Shreveport:

One of the biggest cities in Louisiana, Shreveport is a center of both cultural and economic variety. But it also faces serious challenges with criminality.

The 5 Worst and Most Dangerous Areas in Louisiana, You Should Avoid (1)

Because of their reputation for having greater rates of violent crime, neighborhoods like Cedar Grove and Queensborough are less safe for both locals and tourists. In these neighborhoods, especially at night, it’s imperative to exercise caution and avoid going for solo walks.

3. Baton Rouge:

Louisiana’s capital, Baton Rouge, has a problem with crime, especially in certain of its communities, like Scotlandville and Gardere.

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Along with a notable rate of property crime, violent crimes such as homicides and serious assaults are not uncommon. In public spaces, visitors should be cautious, mindful of their surroundings, and refrain from flashing valuables.

4. Alexandria:

Alexandria, a city in central Louisiana, has problems with crime, particularly in areas like Bringhurst and Martin Park.

Residents and guests should exercise caution even though steps are being made to increase safety, especially when going alone or in dimly lit places. Avoiding conflicts is advised, as is reporting any questionable behavior to the authorities.

5. Monroe:

The crime rate in Monroe, another city in northeastern Louisiana, is higher than the state average. Violent violence is more common in neighborhoods like South 2nd Street and Berg Jones Lane, endangering both locals and visitors. Travelers should exercise caution, such as remaining in busy, well-lit locations after midnight and avoiding deserted areas.


Although crime rates in these locations are greater than in other parts of Louisiana, it’s crucial to remember that crime may occur anywhere, so staying alert and taking measures is always a good idea. To combat crime and enhance safety for all citizens and visitors, communities and law enforcement organizations also work nonstop.

It’s advisable to ascertain the current state of safety, keep up with any new events, and pay attention to local advice and recommendations before visiting any part of Louisiana. You can take advantage of everything Louisiana has to offer while lowering the dangers to your health and safety by being watchful and making wise decisions.

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