The Top 5 Oldest Bikes in New York, Feel Like Never Before

The Top 5 Oldest Bikes in New York

Known for its bustle and skyscrapers, New York City has a rich past that goes far deeper than that. There are relics from the past scattered among the modernity, some of the oldest bicycles still in use. These antique bikes are a nod to the past and provide insight into the history of cycling in the city.

The Top 5 Oldest Bikes in New York

These are New York’s top five oldest motorcycles:

1. Expert High Wheeler Columbian, 1886:

Made by the Pope Manufacturing Company, the Columbia Expert High Wheeler is one of the oldest bicycles in New York. This 1886 high-wheeler has a large front wheel and a smaller rear wheel, which are typical of bicycles from that era. The Columbia Expert High Wheeler, with its detailed details and classic appearance, pays homage to the glory days of cycling in New York City.

2. 1898’s Columbia Model 41:

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Produced by the Columbia Bicycle Company in 1898, the Columbia Model 41 is another noteworthy example of a vintage bike. Solid rubber tires, a single-speed gearing system, and a diamond frame design characterize this vintage bicycle. The Columbia Model 41, with its classic style and robust build, embodies the heyday of cycling in New York City at the turn of the 20th century.

3. Native Motorbike (1903):

One of New York’s earliest motorized motorcycles is the Indian motorcycle, made by the Hendee Manufacturing Company (later renamed Indian Motorcycle Company).

With a wide front wheel and a small rear wheel, this vintage motorbike, which dates back to 1903, has a unique design that is evocative of bicycles from that era. The Indian Motorcycle had a big impact on how transportation will develop in New York City thanks to its cutting-edge engineering and technology.

4. Black Phantom Schwinn (1949):

A classic cruiser bike that has become a symbol of American cycling culture is the Schwinn Black Phantom, which was first launched by the Schwinn Bicycle Company in 1949.

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The Black Phantom perfectly captures the vintage appeal of mid-century bicycles with its sleek black finish, chrome highlights, and unique style. New York City’s antique bike fans have a particular place in their hearts for the Black Phantom, one of the oldest Schwinn models currently in production.

5. In 1952, Raleigh Superbe:

Known for its dependability and longevity, the Raleigh Superbe is a classic touring bike that was initially released by the Raleigh Bicycle Company in 1952.

The Superbe was built for long-distance and urban riding, with a traditional step-through frame, rod-operated brakes, and complete fenders. The Raleigh Superbe is still a beloved classic among New York City’s cycling community because of its classic design and smooth ride.


Finally, an interesting look into the history of cycling in the Big Apple can be found in this list of the top five oldest bikes in New York City.

These vintage bicycles capture the spirit of creativity, adventure, and nostalgia that still inspires riders today, from high-wheelers and early motorbikes to classic cruisers and touring bikes. These antique motorcycles serve as a reminder of the lasting history of riding in New York City, whether they are on exhibit at museums or are treasured by collectors.

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