The Top 5 Oldest Bikes in San Francisco, Feel Like 20th Century Bike-Lover

The Top 5 Oldest Bikes in San Francisco

Cycling fans have always been drawn to San Francisco because of its famous hills, unique neighborhoods, and dynamic culture. Biking has a long history in San Francisco, one of the oldest cities in California, going all the way back to the late 1800s. Relic bicycles that have withstood the test of time are examples of how this cycling heritage is still present today.

The Top 5 Oldest Bikes in San Francisco

The top five oldest bicycles in San Francisco are as follows:

1. The Pierce Safety Bicycle dates back to the 1890s:

Among the earliest bicycles in San Francisco is the Pierce Safety Bicycle, which was produced by the George N. Pierce Company. With its single-speed gearing system, solid rubber tires, and diamond frame design, this vintage bicycle dates back to the late 1800s.

The Pierce Safety Bicycle, with its classic design and robust build, harks back to the early years of cycling in San Francisco.

2. Rudge Whitworth Roadster, around 1900:

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Another classic bike with a unique position in San Francisco’s cycling heritage is the Rudge Whitworth Roadster. This vintage roadster, made by British bicycle company Rudge-Whitworth, has a steel frame, wooden rims, and a unique rod-operated brake system. The Rudge Whitworth Roadster captures the essence of the early 20th-century riding craze in San Francisco with its classic appearance and sturdy construction.

3. Schwinn Excelsior, around 1920s:

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American cycling culture has become linked with the Schwinn Excelsior, a classic cruiser bike that was first produced by the Schwinn Bicycle Company in the 1920s. The Excelsior was made for leisurely trips around the city and had a strong frame, balloon tires, and a coaster brake mechanism. The Excelsior is a treasured remnant from San Francisco’s cycling history and is one of the oldest Schwinn models still in use.

4. Bianchi Rekord, who lived in the 1940s:

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The Italian road bike maker Bianchi created the iconic Bianchi Rekord, which has had a lasting impact on the cycling community in San Francisco. This vintage roadster, which dates back to the 1940s, has a drop handlebar design, a lightweight steel frame, and a sleek racing aesthetic. Riding through the city’s narrow streets and steep hills, cyclists loved the Bianchi Rekord for its agile handling and smooth ride.

5. Popular Hercules (around the 1950s):

Produced by the British bicycle manufacturer Hercules, the Hercules Popular is a retro commuter bike that epitomizes the usefulness and effectiveness of urban cycling in San Francisco.

This vintage roadster, which dates to the 1950s, has a strong frame, brakes that function on a rod, and a straightforward gearbox setup. Midway through the 20th century, the Hercules Popular was a familiar sight on the city’s streets thanks to its dependable performance and practical appearance.


Finally, an interesting look into San Francisco’s cycling history may be had from these top five oldest bikes in the city. These antique commuters, as well as classic roadsters and cruisers, serve as a reminder of the long-lasting tradition of riding in the City by the Bay. Whether they are kept in collections or on exhibit in museums, these vintage motorcycles never cease to motivate riders and arouse nostalgia for San Francisco’s earlier days of riding.

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