The Top 7 Free or Cheap Things to Enjoy in Utah, You Should Take the Benefits

The Top 7 Free or Cheap Things to Enjoy in Utah

Utah is a state full of natural beauties and a thriving culture that offers a wide range of activities for both tourists and residents. Although certain experiences can be expensive, there are a ton of low-cost or free activities out there just waiting to be found. Utah has enough to offer everyone, whether they are history buffs, lovers of the great outdoors, or just looking for inexpensive entertainment.

The Top 7 Free or Cheap Things to Enjoy in Utah

The top seven free or inexpensive activities in the Beehive State are as follows:

1. Discover the Mighty Five National Parks:

Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Arches, and Zion are the five magnificent national parks that makeup Utah. Although most national parks charge entry, there are plenty of days throughout the year when it’s free to enter, usually on holidays like Veterans Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day. For chances to see these natural treasures for nothing or at a discounted price, keep an eye on the National Park Service website.

2. Trek the Wasatch Front:

The Wasatch Front, which stretches along Utah’s western border, has a wide variety of hiking routes appropriate for hikers of all experience levels. Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys may be seen from these routes, which provide everything from easy strolls to strenuous treks.

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The Donut Falls Trail, Ensign Peak Trail, and Bonneville Shoreline Trail are a few of the well-liked trails. For travelers on a tight budget, several of these climbs are accessible for free.

3. Visit Temple Square in Salt Lake City:

Utah’s historic and cultural center is situated at Temple Square, which is part of the city’s downtown. Temple Square, which is home to the famous Salt Lake Temple and other noteworthy structures connected to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, provides free tours and several visitor centers that highlight the state’s extensive religious history.

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Discover exquisitely designed gardens, historic sites, and free activities like organ recitals and concerts in the Tabernacle.

4. Wander Through Utah’s State Parks:

Utah is home to a large number of state parks that provide beautiful scenery and recreational activities, in addition to the state’s national parks. While many state parks have low entrance costs, frequent visitors can sometimes get inexpensive day permits or annual passes.

For a small portion of the price of larger national parks, well-known state parks including Goblin Valley, Dead Horse Point, and Antelope Island include hiking, picnicking, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor activities.

5. Enjoy Cultural Festivals:

Throughout the year, Utah hosts several festivals and events to honor its rich cultural past. These cultural events, which include the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City and the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City, feature international theater, music, and food.

A lot of festivals provide free entrance to outdoor concerts, art displays, and street performances, making affordable entertainment available to everyone, even though others may charge admission for specific events or activities.

6. Visit Historic Sites:

Take a tour of Utah’s many historic sites and landmarks to learn more about the state’s intriguing past. These places provide insight into the rich legacy of the state, ranging from prehistoric Native American rock art panels to pioneer communities.

To discover more about the individuals who created Utah’s past, visit locations like Cove Fort, the Fremont Indian State Park and Museum, or the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Many of these locations provide free interpretive events and exhibitions or only charge a nominal admission fee.

7. Savor the Great Outdoors in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest:

There are several outdoor recreation possibilities in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, which boasts over 1.5 million acres of wilderness to explore. This enormous forest offers activities for all types of enthusiasts, including hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife observation.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors and the natural world equally, the forest’s numerous free trails and recreational spaces make it an economical travel destination.


In conclusion, for those wishing to take in the beauty and culture of the state without going over budget, Utah has a plethora of free or affordable activities to choose from.

There are many affordable choices to suit any interest, whether you’re enjoying outdoor adventures, immersing yourself in its rich history, or touring its magnificent national parks. So gather your belongings, get on the road, and explore Utah’s treasures without breaking the bank.

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