The Top 7 Free or Cheap Things to Enjoy in Washington, Explore the Beautiful Journey

The Top 7 Free or Cheap Things to Enjoy in Washington

Washington has a wealth of affordable exploration and enjoyment options for both tourists and locals, thanks to its varied landscapes, energetic cities, and rich cultural legacy.

Find a ton of free or inexpensive things to do all throughout the state, ranging from beautiful nature excursions to cultural encounters.

The Top 7 Free or Cheap Things to Enjoy in Washington

Here are the best seven free things to do in Washington, whether you’re an art fan, history buff, or nature enthusiast:

1. Explore Olympic National Park:

Olympic National Park is a natural beauty that is just waiting to be discovered. It encompasses more than 1,400 square miles of pure wilderness. There is no charge to enter the park, where guests may climb through old-growth woods, view breathtaking waterfalls, and explore rocky coastlines.

If you want to see expansive vistas of alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains, don’t miss the famous Hurricane Ridge.

2. Take a stroll through Pike Place Market:

One of the oldest continually running public marketplaces in the country, Pike Place Market is a must-see during a trip to Seattle. It’s free to peruse the stalls filled with locally made goods, artisan crafts, and fresh fruit. You can also eat reasonably priced food from vendors and watch the Pike Place Fish Market’s renowned fish toss.

3. Explore Volunteer Park:

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Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district, Volunteer Park provides a calm haven from the bustle of the city. Visitors can stroll through exquisitely designed gardens, pay a donation to enter the Volunteer Park Conservatory, and ascend the historic Water Tower for sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and city skyline. Park admission is free.

4. Explore the Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Museums:

Free entry is available to several of the Smithsonian museums in the nation’s capital, giving visitors the chance to learn about science, art, history, and culture without having to pay a cent. The National Air and Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art, and the National Museum of American History are among the highlights.

5. Trek the Hoh River Trail:

The Hoh River Trail, which is situated within Olympic National Park, gives hikers the opportunity to fully experience the lush Hoh Valley rainforest. The trailhead is conveniently located, and guests may take a leisurely stroll beside the river, take in the mossy tall trees, and see elk and bald eagles, among other species.

6. Explore the Washington State Capitol:

The Legislative Building of the Olympia-based state capitol provides free guided tours that teach visitors about the history, politics, and architectural design of the state. Take advantage of the chance to tour the Capitol Rotunda, which has a gorgeous Tiffany glass chandelier and elaborate artwork.

7. Attend a Free Concert or Event:

There are many free concerts, festivals, and cultural events held all year long in Washington. There’s always something free to enjoy going on, from art walks in tiny villages all around the state to free summer concerts in Seattle’s parks.


These are only a handful of the many inexpensive or free activities available in Washington. There is plenty for everyone to do without going over budget, whether you want to explore the beautiful outdoors, learn about history and culture, or just take in the lively ambiance of the state’s cities and villages. So gather your belongings, get in your car, and travel to the Evergreen State for a reasonably priced experience.

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