These are Smoking-Free Towns in Ohio, You Should Know Here

These are Smoking-Free Towns in Ohio, You Should Know Here

To create better surroundings and cleaner air, numerous American cities and towns are enacting smoke-free regulations as public awareness of the health hazards linked to smoking grows.

Many Ohio cities have made the proactive decision to establish smoke-free areas, which makes them the perfect trip destinations for health-conscious tourists.

These Ohio communities provide a breath of fresh air and a friendly atmosphere for all visitors, regardless of whether you’re a non-smoker searching for some fresh air or someone trying to support smoke-free initiatives.

Top 5 Reasons, You Should Know Here

1. Dublin:

Situated in central Ohio, Dublin is well-known for its aesthetically pleasing scenery, energetic neighborhood, and dedication to encouraging a healthy way of life.

With the adoption of a complete smoke-free policy in 2019, Dublin became the first city in central Ohio to forbid smoking in public parks, outdoor dining areas, and within 25 feet of playgrounds and sports fields. In a clean, smoke-free atmosphere, guests can stroll around the picturesque parks, eat at smoke-free restaurants, and engage in outdoor activities.

2. Bexley:

Tucked away in the Columbus metropolitan area, the quaint community of Bexley is well-known for its old buildings, tree-lined streets, and welcoming environment for families.

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One of the first towns in central Ohio to approve smoke-free ordinances was Bexley, which passed one in 2017. With its smoke-free parks, public areas, and restaurants, Bexley provides guests with a warm, healthy setting in which to enjoy outdoor activities and neighborhood gatherings.

3. Oxford:

A thriving college town renowned for its academic quality and cultural diversity, Oxford is home to Miami University and is tucked away in the picturesque countryside of southwest Ohio.

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Oxford implemented a thorough smoke-free ordinance in 2018 that forbade smoking in all public parks, outdoor recreation areas, and outdoor dining locations. Enjoying Oxford’s natural beauty and fresh air, visitors can explore the university campus, stroll along streets lined with trees, and eat at smoke-free restaurants.

4. New Albany:

Located in Franklin County in central Ohio, this affluent neighborhood is well-known for its well-planned subdivisions, luxurious amenities, and dedication to encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

In 2016, a smoke-free ordinance was put into effect in New Albany, making it illegal to smoke in any public park, outdoor recreation area, or within 25 feet of any public entry. Visitors can enjoy a smoke-free atmosphere while exploring the town’s elegant stores, restaurants, and picturesque parks.

5. Upper Arlington:

Upper Arlington is a charming suburb west of Columbus’ city center that is well-known for its tree-lined streets, top-notch schools, and strong feeling of community. All parks, outdoor venues, and public areas managed by the city of Upper Arlington became smoke-free zones in 2017 with the adoption of a smoke-free policy.

In an atmosphere that is clean and healthy and supports the wellbeing of both residents and tourists, guests can take part in outdoor activities, community events, and dining experiences.


These Ohioan communities that have banned smoking are outstanding examples of their dedication to environmental protection, public health, and communal well-being. These communities are encouraging healthier lifestyles and cleaner air by establishing smoke-free areas, and they are also building inclusive and friendly spaces that both residents and guests can enjoy.

These smoke-free cities provide something for everyone to enjoy and experience, whether it’s dining at neighborhood restaurants, strolling through picturesque parks, or going to community activities.

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