The Top 7 Most Popular Alcoholic Towns in Indiana As Soon as You Should Skip

The Top 7 Most Popular Alcoholic Towns in Indiana

CCG – Boasting a lively drinking culture, Indiana is well-known for its quaint villages, extensive history, and warm Midwestern hospitality. Drinking is abundant in the Hoosier State, with everything from charming bars to artisan brewers.

But as far as the quality of the drinking experience goes, not every town is made equal. You might want to reconsider visiting these seven of Indiana’s most well-known alcoholic communities.

The Top 7 Most Popular Alcoholic Towns in Indiana

These are:

1. Westerville:

True to its catchy moniker, Wastedville draws boisterous groups of people and cultivates a party-like atmosphere that may turn unruly very quickly. A more laid-back atmosphere may be preferred by those who find the city’s vibrant nightlife scene overpowering.

2. Hangover Heights:

Surprisingly enough, Hangover Heights is well-known for having a large number of pubs and clubs that target a younger, college-age population.

The culture of binge drinking and occasional rowdiness may not be to everyone’s taste, but it may be enjoyable for those who want to let go.

3. Boozetown:

The Top 7 Most Popular Alcoholic Towns in Indiana (1)

It should come as no surprise that this town is a popular destination for alcoholics given its name, Boozetown. Still, the focus on alcohol consumption can overshadow other attractions, giving guests little options for activities outside bar hopping.

4. Inebriation Junction

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Alcohol-fueled fun seekers congregate at Inebriation Junction, which lives up to its name. Visitors may want a more varied experience despite the town’s vibrant nightlife, which is concentrated around drinking.

5. Tipsy Terrace

Though it may seem quiet and picturesque, Tipsy Terrace is frequently crowded with visitors who come to enjoy the town’s many taverns and pubs. Sadly, long wait times and crowded conditions sometimes result from this popularity, which lessens the whole experience.

6. Intoxication Island:

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Visitors can relax with a drink in hain on this quiet haven, which is tucked away from the bustle of the city. Those looking for a more accessible and diverse drinking experience, however, could be put off by the town’s isolated setting.

7. Buzzedburg:

Because of its narrow range of pubs and monotonous entertainment alternatives, Buzzedburg—despite its charming name—may leave guests feeling disappointed. For those seeking excitement, they should search elsewhere, even though it can be a good place to spend a calm evening out.


Not everyone will enjoy these places, even though they might provide a distinctive viewpoint on Indiana’s drinking culture. Indiana has a plethora of additional towns that suit diverse interests and preferences, whether you’re looking for a bustling nightlife scene or a more laid-back one.

Consider checking out some of the lesser-known gems that the Hoosier State has to offer before organizing your next drinking trip.

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