Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Texas: Skip Your Plan Here

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Texas

CCG – Texas is well known for its wide-ranging scenery, energetic cities, and extensive cultural legacy. Like any state, there are, nevertheless, some regions with greater crime rates than others.

To guarantee a secure and pleasurable journey, visitors to the Lone Star State must be aware of these high-rated crime towns.

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Texas

The following are the top five Texas crime towns that you might wish to cross off your bucket list:

1. Houston:

The state’s largest metropolis, Houston regrettably has among of the highest rates of crime in the nation. Houston has a lot of safe and lively neighborhoods, but there are also certain places with higher rates of theft, property crime, and violent crime, especially in the northeast and southeast parts of the city.

2. Dallas:

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Dallas is a significant city in Texas that also has high crime rates. While Dallas’s downtown and affluent districts are usually safe, there have been incidents of violent and property crime in other regions of the city, especially in the south and east.

3. San Antonio:

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Texas (1)

Although the city is well-known for its historical landmarks and dynamic culture, there are some neighborhoods with greater rates of crime. The east and west sides of the city have seen an increase in violent crime, such as assaults and robberies.

4. Fort Worth

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Another Texas city that has seen high crime rates in some regions is Fort Worth, which is situated to the west of Dallas. While the cultural center and downtown Fort Worth are reasonably safe, visitors should use caution when visiting the east and southeast regions of the city.

5. Beaumont:

Known for its petrochemical industry and historic buildings, Beaumont is located in southeast Texas, close to the Louisiana border. In contrast to national statistics, the city has also seen greater rates of violent crime and property crime. Passengers via Beaumont should use caution and stay out of strange neighborhoods, especially after dark.

Even though these locations might have unique features and cultural offerings, visitors should think about the hazards before making vacation plans. To guarantee safe and pleasurable travel, it is imperative to be informed about the current state of safety in every place and take the appropriate precautions.

In the End

In conclusion, even if Texas has a lot to offer tourists in terms of varied experiences, it’s crucial to be aware of high-crime locations and proceed with caution when visiting them.

Through knowledge, common sense, and appropriate safety measures, visitors can reduce hazards and fully experience Lone Star State.

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