Here Are The Top 8 Oldest Wineries in California

The Top 8 Oldest Wineries in California

The wine industry in California is globally recognized for its innovative winemaking techniques, varied terroirs, and extensive historical background. California boasts an extensive winemaking heritage spanning several centuries, exemplified by its multitude of historic wineries that have withstood the test of time.

The Top 8 Oldest Wineries in California

To delve into the rich vinicultural legacy of the Golden State, we shall investigate the eight most ancient wineries that predate one another.

1. Buena Vista Winery (Established: 1857):

Situated in the central region of Sonoma Valley, Buena Vista Winery boasts the unique distinction of being the oldest premium winery in California. Established by Agoston Haraszthy, a Hungarian immigrant renowned as the “Father of California Viticulture,” Buena Vista has significantly influenced the winemaking industry in the state.

Presently, individuals are granted the opportunity to investigate its ancient cellars, sample wines that have won prestigious accolades, and become fully engrossed in its momentous history.

2. Charles Krug Winery (Established: 1861):

Established in 1861 and situated in Napa Valley, Charles Krug Winery is the oldest continuously operational winery in the area. Established in the mid-19th century by Charles Krug, a German immigrant, the winery possesses a substantial historical background.

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Guests are extended the opportunity to sample its renowned Cabernet Sauvignon and other cultivars during their exploration of the picturesque estate and historic Redwood Cellar.

3. Schramsberg Vineyards (Established: 1862):

Schramsberg Vineyards, located in the picturesque highlands of Calistoga, is widely recognized for its exceptional selection of sparkling wines, most notably its esteemed J. Schram sparkling wine.

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Established by Jacob Schram, a German immigrant, the winery has garnered recognition for its historic caves and traditional méthode champenoise production techniques, both of which trace back to the nineteenth century.

4. Beringer Vineyards (Established: 1876):

Beringer Vineyards, which was founded in 1876, is an additional Napa Valley landmark that occupies a significant position in the annals of California winemaking.

The winery, which was founded by Frederick Jacob Beringer and Jacob Beringer, is renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and additional varieties. While partaking in the opulent gardens and meticulously preserved Rhine House mansion, guests are invited to savor the estate’s renowned wineries.

5. Gundlach Bundschu Winery (Established: 1858):

Gundlach Bundschu Winery, founded in 1858 and located in Sonoma Valley, is the oldest family-owned winery in California. Established in the year 1600 by Jacob Gundlach, a German immigrant, the winery has been renowned for its production of extraordinary wines.

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While sampling a wide variety of varieties, guests can explore the establishment’s picturesque vistas, historic vineyards, and tasting rooms.

6. Oakville Groves: Founded in 1868:

Oakville Groves, situated in the prestigious Oakville AVA of Napa Valley, is among the most ancient and continuously functioning wineries in the region.

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The winery, which was founded by Hamilton Walker Crabb, boasts a distinguished track record of manufacturing premium wines from its renowned vineyards. In its rustic tasting room, guests may sample its renowned Cabernet Sauvignon and other varieties.

7. Yorkville Cellars (Established: 1882):

Yorkville Cellars, situated in Mendocino County and north of San Francisco, is among the earliest wineries in California. The winery, established by German immigrant John Parducci, has gained recognition for its handcrafted wines and sustainably cultivated vineyards. In addition to indulging in its unique Bordeaux-style mixtures, guests can take in awe-inspiring panoramas of the surrounding countryside.

8. Cresta Blanca Winery (Established: 1882):

Established in 1882 and situated in the Livermore Valley, Cresta Blanca Winery occupies an important position in the history of winemaking in California.

Established by the esteemed California viticulture pioneer Charles Wetmore, the winery has gained acclaim for its innovative endeavors in crafting high-quality wines, such as the inaugural Sauvignon Blanc in the state. Presently, guests are invited to peruse the estate’s historic properties and sample its acclaimed wines within its quaint tasting room.

In the Last Call

These eight wineries, each with its distinct history, are living examples of California’s vinicultural heritage. These historic establishments, situated in picturesque landscapes ranging from the undulating hills of Napa and Sonoma to Mendocino and Livermore, persist in manufacturing wines of remarkable excellence while safeguarding the illustrious customs of the past.

Whether one is an experienced oenophile or an inquisitive traveler, a visit to these esteemed wineries provides an insight into the timeless allure that is California wine country.

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