Top 9 Oldest Hindu Temples In The USA, You Should Go Now

Top 9 Oldest Hindu Temples in the USA

CCG – Hinduism, an ancient faith with a significant historical impact, maintains a dynamic presence within the United States. The proliferation of Hindu diaspora organizations has accompanied the development of temples intended for communal assemblies and worship.

These temples function as central points of spirituality, safeguarding cultural customs and fostering a sense of unity among Hindu Americans throughout the nation.

Top 9 Oldest Hindu Temples in the USA

Explore the nine holiest Hindu temples in the United States of America, each of which has a distinct history and significance.

1. In (1973): Malibu Hindu Temple in Calabasas, California

The Malibu Hindu Temple, established in 1973, is among the most ancient Hindu temples in the United States. Situated amidst the Santa Monica Mountains, this aesthetically pleasing temple complex honors Lakshmi, Lord Venkateswara, and Lord Shiva, among other Hindu deities.

Annually, tens of thousands of individuals are drawn to the Malibu Hindu Temple due to its serene surroundings and magnificent architecture.

2. In (1978) the Bharatiya Temple in Troy: Michigan

The Bharatiya Temple, which was founded in 1978, functions as a cultural and spiritual hub for the Hindu community in Michigan and beyond. The temple offers an extensive array of religious and cultural events, such as educational programs, festivals, and pujas, to promote Hindu values and traditions.

3. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir BAPS, Lilburn, Georgia: 1984

Located in Lilburn, Georgia, the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is among the most sizable Hindu temples in the United States.

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Established in 2007, this architectural marvel was predominantly composed of marble and limestone; however, its origins can be traced back to 1984, when the land was acquired by the BAPS organization. The mandir functions as a communal space for communal engagement, meditation, and worship.

4. Temple of Sri Venkateswara (1985): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Sri Venkateswara Temple, situated in Pittsburgh, was founded in 1985 to cater to the expanding Hindu community in the area and is devoted to Lord Venkateswara.

Delightful in design and elaborate in sculpture, the temple embodies the opulent cultural legacy of the southern regions of India, which are the places of worship for Lord Venkateswara.

5. Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Lanham, Maryland, 1988

Established in 1988, the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple is one of the largest and earliest Hindu temples on the East Coast. It is located in Lanham, Maryland.

The temple serves a crucial function in safeguarding Hindu customs and encouraging spiritual development through its elaborate construction, dynamic rituals, and extensive initiatives for community engagement.

6. Hindu Temple of Florida, Tampa, Florida (1996)

Since its inception in 1996, the Hindu Temple of Florida has been a symbol of spirituality and Hinduism in the Tampa Bay area.

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The temple, which is consecrated to a multitude of deities such as Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, and Lord Shiva, regularly organizes educational events, bhajans, and pujas for devotees of all ages.

7. Temple of Sri Venkateswara (1998) in Bridgewater: New Jersey

In 1998, the Sri Venkateswara Temple was consecrated in Bridgewater, New Jersey, to address the spiritual requirements of the indigenous Hindu populace. This magnificent temple complex, which is modeled after the renowned Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in India, draws devotees from throughout the Tri-State region.

8. SANSATAN MANDIR, San Bruno, California: (2001)

Established in 2001, the Sanatan Mandir is a hub for cultural activities, education, and Hindu worship in San Bruno, California. The serene atmosphere and exquisitely embellished sanctum sanctorum of the temple offer a tranquil sanctuary for devout individuals in search of spiritual consolation.

9. Flushing, New York: Hindu Temple Society of North America (1977)

Hindu Temple Society of North America, also referred to as the Ganesh Temple, was founded in 1977, making it one of the most ancient Hindu institutions in the United States.

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Located in the dynamic neighborhood of Flushing, Queens, this temple functions as a hub for Hindu religious and cultural activities in New York City and is dedicated to Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.


The aforementioned temples symbolize the lasting influence of Hinduism in the United States of America and the ceaseless endeavors of devotees spanning generations to safeguard and advance their abundant cultural legacy.

Temples, serving as hubs for devotion, community involvement, and cultural interchange, remain instrumental in influencing the religious and societal fabric of the nation.

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