Top 8 Remarkably Young Lawyers in California, Check Here

Top 8 Remarkably Young Lawyers in California

CCG – The process of becoming an attorney generally entails an extensive duration of arduous study, training, and commitment. Nevertheless, there exist extraordinary individuals who challenge conventions and commence their legal careers at abnormally youthful stages of life.

Due to their extraordinary accomplishments in the legal field, several prodigies have made headlines in California, a state renowned for its stringent legal standards.

Top 8 Remarkably Young Lawyers in California

This analysis will delve into the extraordinary experiences of eight individuals who achieved the status of California’s earliest practicing attorneys, highlighting their perseverance, intelligence, and early contributions to the field.

1. Gabrielle Turnquest:

At the age of 18, Gabrielle Turnquest became the youngest person in the United Kingdom, including California, to qualify as a lawyer in 2013.

Turnquest, who was born in the United States but reared in the Bahamas, graduated at the age of seventeen with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Law in London due to her extraordinary intelligence and diligence.

2. Adnan Khan:

Adnan Khan became one of the state’s youngest attorneys when he passed the California bar exam at the age of 21, garnering considerable attention in 2019.

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Khan, who was already renowned for his exceptional academic abilities, completed his studies at the esteemed University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law. Subsequently, he emerged as an emerging figure within the legal profession.

3. Haley Taylor Schlitz:

At the age of 16, Haley Taylor Schlitz established herself as a legal prodigy by receiving acceptance to multiple law institutions.

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She obtained her law degree from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University in 2019 at the youthful age of 19. Subsequently, she passed the California bar examination, establishing herself as one of the state’s most junior attorneys.

4. Gordon Liu:

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At the age of 21, Gordon Liu made headlines in 2017 when he was recognized as one of the youngest attorneys in California. Liu, a proud alumnus of the prestigious University of California, Berkeley School of Law, gained prominence in the legal profession due to his outstanding scholastic accomplishments and unwavering commitment to the field.

5. Andrew Morgan:

At the age of 21, Andrew Morgan accomplished an extraordinary accomplishment in 2016 by passing the California bar exam, thereby becoming one of the state’s youngest attorneys.

Morgan, a law graduate of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, achieved early success in his legal profession due to his fervent commitment to justice and legal advocacy.

6. Tiffany Cabán:

In 2019, at the age of 31, Tiffany Cabán made headlines when she won the Democratic primary for Queens District Attorney in New York City.

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Cabán has garnered extensive acclaim and recognition within the legal community due to her advocacy for criminal justice reform and progressive policies, despite not being among the youngest attorneys on this list.

7. Alana Haim:

Alana Haim, a member of the band Haim renowned for her musical prowess, devoted herself to the field of law and, at the age of 29, achieved her California bar exam success in 2020. Notwithstanding her notoriety in the music industry, Haim’s pursuit of a legal profession exemplified her dedication to social justice issues and legal advocacy.

8. Justin Castillo:

In 2021, at the age of 22, Justin Castillo made headlines when he passed the California bar exam, solidifying his position as one of the state’s youngest attorneys. Early accomplishments in the legal field as a Stanford Law School alumnus demonstrate Castillo’s extraordinary aptitude and commitment to community service.


These eight individuals serve as prime examples of the extraordinary talent and potential that can manifest in the legal profession during one’s youth.

They have proven to be exceptional scholars and have challenged conventional wisdom, paving the way for subsequent cohorts of attorneys not only in California but also in the world.

They remain noteworthy figures in the legal profession, exemplifying the potential for success that can be attained through diligence, commitment, and an unwavering commitment to justice.

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