Top Picks: 8 Black-Owned Businesses That Our Audience Can’t Get Enough Of

Top Picks 8 Black-Owned Businesses That Our Audience Can't Get Enough Of

A movement to promote and assist Black-owned companies in a variety of industries has grown in the last few years. These companies support Black communities’ economic growth and empowerment in addition to providing high-quality goods and services.

Top 8 Black-Owned Businesses

We’re showcasing eight Black-owned companies that our audience adores as part of our dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity:

1. Chicago, IL’s Brown Sugar Bakery

Brown Sugar Bakery, a Chicago tradition, is well-known for its delicious selection of cakes, pies, and pastries. Established by Stephanie Hart, this bakery entices patrons with its mouthwatering confections crafted from scratch utilizing premium ingredients and traditional traditions.

2. The Lip Bar in Detroit, Michigan

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Melissa Butler launched The Lip Bar, a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics company that is redefining the beauty business. The Lip Bar provides goods that promote diversity and enable people to express themselves freely, ranging from vivid lipsticks to striking eyeshadow palettes.

3. The Harlem Cycle in New York, NY

Tammeca Rochester established Harlem Cycle, which is a community center for health and wellness rather than just a workout facility. Harlem Cycle provides sessions on indoor cycling to upbeat music, encouraging both physical fitness and self-determination among its varied audience.

4. The Brothers and Sisters Bookstore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A cultural haven in the middle of Philadelphia, Brothers and Sisters Bookstore specializes in Black author literature as well as works that honor Black history and legacy. This independent bookstore was founded by Jeannine A. Cook and offers readers of all ages a wealth of information and inspiration.

5. The Wrap Life (New York, NY)

Nnenna Stella founded The Wrap Life, which provides an exquisite selection of headwraps and accessories that honor and celebrate the beauty of natural hair. The Wrap Life encourages people to accept their own identities with confidence and style by showcasing vivid colors, striking patterns, and adaptable styles.

6. Washington, D.C.’s Spice Suite

Angel Anderson created The Spice Suite, a gastronomic sanctuary for both foodies and spice aficionados. This boutique store offers a carefully chosen assortment of gourmet products, spices, and seasonings that infuse home kitchens around the country with taste and inventiveness.

7. Pyer Moss, located in New York, NY

Established by Kerby Jean-Raymond, a fashion designer, Pyer Moss is renowned for its striking designs and socially aware messaging. Pyer Moss has received recognition for its avant-garde approach to fashion and storytelling, with an emphasis on honoring Black culture and questioning conventional wisdom in the business.

8. Goodee, located in Los Angeles, California

Byron and Dexter Peart launched Goodee, a carefully chosen marketplace featuring products from around the globe that are ethically and sustainably sourced. From home decor and accessories to apparel and lifestyle products, Goodee offers a thoughtfully curated selection of items that prioritize craftsmanship, design, and social impact.


These are just a few examples of the many Black-owned businesses making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. By giving these companies our support, we help Black entrepreneurs flourish economically and celebrate diversity and ingenuity.

As we continue to champion inclusivity and equity, let’s make a conscious effort to uplift and support Black-owned businesses in our everyday lives.

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