YSL Defense Attorney Arrested in Connection with Gang Allegations

YSL Defense Attorney Arrested in Connection with Gang Allegations

Nicole Fegan, a defense lawyer who defended Tenquarius Mender in the YSL Rico gang trial, was taken into custody on suspicion of belonging to a gang.

According to WSB-TV2, Fegan was arrested by Atlanta police on Friday, February 16, on suspicion of having spoken with a suspect in the shooting death of two individuals on September 27, 2022.

The Atlanta Police Department said in a statement, “Investigators received information that Nicole Fegan contacted a suspect in the shooting, advising him of active warrants for his arrest.” “Fegan told the suspect to throw away his phone because the police were about to arrest him and shared facts she had discovered during a preliminary hearing regarding the shooting. Fegan’s representation of the suspect she called was proven by investigators to be false.”

Fegan was charged with engaging in illegal street gang activities and soliciting others to conduct the crime of tampering with evidence, for which he was brought to Fulton County jail. Two males were shot in the event in 2022; one of them died from his wounds.

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The Atlanta-Journal Constitution states that Fegan’s and defendant Kahlieff Adams’s attorney Teombre Calland’s pregnancies caused the trial to be postponed in February 2023. Because of the possibility that their absences would make it more difficult for them to adequately represent their clients, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office filed a motion to have both defendants removed from the remainder of the RICO trial at that time. Not too long after, the motion was approved.

The drama surrounding the YSL RICO tale, which began when Young Thug and Gunna were among the 28 defendants indicted in a 56-count indictment, has only intensified with Fegan’s arrest. After Anastasios Manettas, the defense attorney for Miles “Slato Farley,” was handcuffed in court after a search of his suitcase by security revealed prescription medicine, she is the second defense counsel to be jailed during the trial. Manettas was charged with tossing his cell phone at a cop during the incident.

Suri Chadha Jimenez, another defense lawyer in the case, was found in contempt after arriving late for a court appearance. In the end, he managed to avoid going to jail by being made to buy lunch for the other attorneys involved in the case. He predicted that he would probably acquire sandwiches from a local store, but what he ended up getting was wings from the legendary Atlanta strip club Magic City.

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