The 7 Awkward Areas in Kansas City, Avoid Unknown Neighborhoods After Dark

The 7 Awkward Areas in Kansas City

Kansas City provides both locals and tourists with a wealth of activities to discover thanks to its dynamic culture and different neighborhoods. Like any large metropolis, there are, nevertheless, some locations that might be dangerous, especially after dark.

To ensure a safe and comfortable visit to Kansas City, it is imperative that visitors and locals alike are aware of these “awkward” regions.

The Top 7 Awkward Areas in Kansas City

1. East Side:

Compared to other areas of the city, Kansas City’s East Side has seen greater rates of crime and economic hardship. Visitors are cautioned to exercise caution, especially in unknown locations, despite the fact that certain communities are undergoing revitalization efforts.

2. Northeast:

There have been a number of crime-related problems in Northeast Kansas City, which includes areas like Independence Avenue and Northeast Industrial District. It is advisable for visitors to use caution when exploring this region, especially after dark.

3. Westport:

The 7 Awkward Areas in Kansas City (1)

Although it’s a well-liked location for nightlife, there have been violent and property crime events in several areas of Westport. Even while it’s normally safe in the region during peak hours, it’s wise to exercise caution, particularly in the evening.

4. Troost Avenue:

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In the past, Kansas City’s wealthy and impoverished areas have been divided by Troost Avenue. Even with the ongoing attempts to enhance neighborhood connections and safety, there may still be concerns in certain areas along Troost Avenue, especially after dark.

5. 18th and Vine:

Although having a long history in jazz and African-American culture, 18th and Vine has seen problems with crime and urban decay. Travelers should use caution, particularly while stepping outside of the major sites.

6. South Kansas City:

As opposed to other areas of the city, several South Kansas City neighborhoods—like Hickman Mills and Ruskin Heights—have recorded higher crime rates. It is advised that visitors investigate particular places and proceed with caution, particularly after dusk.

7. Downtown:

Although Kansas City’s downtown is lively and generally safe, other areas may be less visited and provide safety risks, especially after dark. Staying in busy, well-lit places is advised for visitors, particularly when venturing into the less-traveled regions of downtown.


Although it’s necessary to be mindful of these uncomfortable places, it’s also critical to remember that Kansas City is a bustling, friendly city with a lot to offer. You can safely explore the city and take advantage of everything it has to offer by being cautious, being informed, and following your gut.

Always prioritize your safety, whether you live there or are just visiting. You can contribute to making sure you have a great and unforgettable time in Kansas City by avoiding unfamiliar neighborhoods after dark and being mindful of your surroundings.

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