Chicago Police Investigate Armed Robbery at Ken Kee Restaurant in Chinatown

Chicago Police Investigate Armed Robbery at Ken Kee Restaurant in Chinatown

Tuesday night, Chicago police reported, a restaurant located in Chinatown was robbed at gunpoint. Around 11:49 at night, a robbery occurred at the Ken Kee restaurant located in the 2100 block of South China Place.

ABC7 Chicago is available for streaming around the clock right now. To watch, go here. Two man suspects, according to the police, demanded money from the cashier after entering the establishment brandishing weapons.
Both a 34-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman who worked there had personal belongings taken by the criminals, according to the police.

Alderwoman Nicole Lee stated that Ken Kee is a highly recognized establishment in Chinatown. “It truly took me off guard. All things considered, that was a very blatant attack. Getting into a restaurant and holding someone up is an extremely rare occurrence.

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The Chinatown neighborhood watch organization and the police, according to Alderwoman Lee, have been in contact since Wednesday morning. According to Alderwoman Lee, “We are already planning for more patrols.” People’s safety is something we want. The neighborhood’s police presence will be heightened, particularly in the run-up to Sunday’s Lunar New Year parade.

The Alderwoman stated that authorities should be able to apprehend the suspects with the aid of CCTV footage of the heist. There were no injuries. Police added that the two suspects were not in custody and that they left the eatery on foot. Investigators from Area One are looking into this.

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Chinatown had experienced 45 armed robberies in the previous 12 months as of February 5, which is approximately 18% fewer than the average of the previous three years, according to Chicago police data that the ABC7 data team examined.

Many still expect more from local officials despite those improvements. I desire that my government considers my home and us. Restoring police authority and caring for my community are things I want the government to do,” homeowner Julie Mai stated.

“There doesn’t seem to be a plan of action to deter criminals from coming in,” Cook County Commissioner George Cardenas stated, “which makes this particular community vulnerable.” “There’s surveillance but not enough.”
An information leading to an arrest in the Ken Kee heist might earn a $2,000 reward, according to community leaders.

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