Get Ready for Flavor: Peruvian Pop-Up Transitions to Full-Fledged Restaurant in North County

Get Ready for Flavor Peruvian Pop-Up Transitions to Full-Fledged Restaurant in North County

OCEANSIDE, CA: For culinary enthusiasts dining in North County, it will soon be much simpler to tuck into real Peruvian stir-fry and the noodle dish Tallarin Saltado.

Oceanside is now becoming a part of the growing movement that began in a neighborhood commissary kitchen, moved on to a pop-up tent, and eventually became a well-liked food trailer.

Opening a restaurant this spring is the goal of Al Toque Peruvian Kitchen’s creators, Stephan Garcia, Rhandy Heredia, and Angelo Luna. Across San Diego County, it will be the first of hopefully many. When Heredia, a man of Peruvian origin, presented the idea to his partners, Al Toque was born in September 2019.

“His mom was an excellent chef, and he would always guzzle about how delicious his food was and how hard it was to find places like Peruvian restaurants to go get this food,” Garcia said to FOX 5. “It was Heredia who suggested that we try to replicate this concept by opening it up after we had failed to establish several businesses together.”

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Angelo—also Peruvian—was brought in and given instructions based on Heredia’s mother’s recipes. Knowing his way around the kitchen, he has worked in his family’s eateries before.

This is how we ended up in this situation. Over the years, that has changed, but we all still cook and help out when needed,” Garcia said. “We all play a vital role.”

Most likely, Five Suits Brewing in Vista is where those who have indulged in delicacies from Al Toque Peruvian Kitchen have done so. While they spend the other days of the week at other sites across San Diego, the trio parks their food trailer here from Thursday through Sunday.

The classic Peruvian stir-fry meal Lomo Saltad, which is created with marinated sirloin strips, onions, tomatoes, French fries, and rice, is one of their most well-liked menu items.

Tallarin Saltado, another popular Peruvian dish, is made by Al Toque for those who adore noodles. To taste, sautéed chunks of meat and veggies are combined with cooked noodles in a stir-fry style.

An initial preview of the reopening of the well-known nightclub The Whaling Bar Tallarin Saltado dish in La Jolla.
In addition, the original Bistec a lo pobre—beef tenderloin topped with fried eggs and served over French fries—was put on the menu by the kitchen’s founders.

It is anticipated that the first restaurant will open in April 2024 in the 1900 block of Oceanside Boulevard, and the three are eager to showcase the flavors of Peru.

Garcia responded that there are plenty of opportunities to establish a fresh, successful business in Oceanside when asked why they chose the location. The fact that a large portion of their present customer is from North County was also mentioned by him.

restaurants in the San Diego region that have recently opened
Al Toque Peruvian Kitchen may soon open locations in additional San Diego neighborhoods such Little Italy, Hillcrest, Poway, Encinitas, and Del Mar.

Along with additional pop-up events and catering, the food trailer will continue to run regularly at Five Suits, as confirmed by the creators.

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