NYC Mother Seeks Answers After ‘Nice Little Boy’ Commits Fatal Stabbings on Four Relatives

NYC Mother Seeks Answers After 'Nice Little Boy' Commits Fatal Stabbings on Four Relatives

The mother of the insane man who killed four family members by stabbing them to death at their Queens home over the weekend struggled to understand how her “nice little boy” could have become a monster on Tuesday, claiming that she “can’t even tell you how many times” she had attempted to help him.

Before the terrible attack, Courtney Gordon, who was shot by the police on Sunday after hurting two officers responding to a 911 call about his violent actions, had mental health problems. His relatives say he was dealing with these issues but didn’t want to get treatment.

“There’s been a terrible event here. A big tragedy. My wonderful, good son–I never saw this coming. I don’t know what happened to him,” said Hazel Bryden, his saddened mother, speaking to The Post on Tuesday.

She continued, “I tried to get him help so many times, I can’t even tell you. I did everything I could.”

His upset mom mentioned that she’s praying to stay strong during this “hard time” but is uncertain about the future.

“I just want God to give me the faith and courage. I need prayers,” Bryden said through tears. “It’s not easy. I can’t give up on myself. I just have to trust God to help me through this.”

After refusing mental health treatment, 28-year-old Gordon fatally stabbed 11-year-old Mikayla James, 12-year-old Rojaun Davis, and their parents, 34-year-old Rickmon Davis and 44-year-old Suzette Taylor-Davis while they were visiting relatives on the father’s side in Far Rockaway, according to the police.

NYC Mother Seeks Answers After 'Nice Little Boy' Commits Fatal Stabbings on Four Relatives

A neighbor, who had known the family for seven years and considered Taylor-Davis her best friend, set up a tribute with many candles under a tent next to the house on Tuesday.

“They were truly remarkable individuals. The greatest,” she said. “We chatted on Saturday night. We couldn’t help but giggle at the dispute that had occurred between us and another neighbor.”

“I hadn’t met him face-to-face, but I knew he was family,” she said.

Furthermore, Gordon harmed Christine Gordon, a 63-year-old aunt on his father’s side, who was just starting to recover from serious injuries in the violent attack.

Bryden said, “Yes, [Christine] is doing better. She didn’t answer the phone when I called because she was still in the hospital. But when I get back, I’m going to go check on her.”

Police came to the house at around 5:10 a.m. because Gordon’s 16-year-old cousin called 911, saying he “was killing her family members.” The teen jumped out of a window at the house, sources say, and it’s not clear if she got hurt during the attack.

When the police confronted Gordon as he tried to leave the house, which he had set on fire, carrying luggage, he attacked them within about 10 seconds. He stabbed one officer in the neck and another in the head, as per police officials on Sunday.

Gordon was shot and killed by one of the injured officers, a 28-year veteran named Edmond Decio, as reported by the police.

After going to the hospital, Decio and the other cop were released on Sunday.

Courtney Gordon was taken to the hospital, where he was later declared dead, according to authorities.

The reason behind the horrifying attack has not been revealed by the authorities.

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