Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Washington: You Should Skip Right Now

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Washington

CCG – The state of Washington is well known for its vibrant cities, breathtaking scenery, and diverse cultural offerings. Like any other region, there are, nevertheless, some parts of Washington with greater crime rates than others.

To guarantee a safe and enjoyable journey, visitors to the Evergreen State should be aware of these high-rated crime towns.

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Washington

The following are the top five crime-rated cities in Washington that you should avoid visiting at this time:

1. Seattle:

Although the city is well-known for its colorful districts, stunning skyline, and booming tech industry, some parts of the city also see greater rates of crime. In downtown Seattle, there has been an increase in larceny and property crime, especially in the Pioneer Square neighborhood and some parts of the Chinatown-International District.

2. Tacoma:

Top 5 High-Rated Crime Towns in Washington (1)

Another Washington city with higher crime rates in some neighborhoods is Tacoma, which is located south of Seattle.

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While Tacoma’s downtown has recently seen a renaissance, violent and property crime have been problems throughout the city’s east and south sides.

3. Spokane:

Known for its historic downtown area and outdoor recreation options, Spokane is a city in eastern Washington. However, violent crime, such as robberies and assaults, has been more common in some Spokane neighborhoods than others, especially those on the north side of the city.

4. Yakima:

Situated in the Yakima Valley in central Washington, Yakima is well-known for its agricultural past and for being close to popular outdoor destinations like Mount Rainier and the Columbia River Gorge.

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But compared to national statistics, the city has also seen greater rates of violent crime and property crime, especially in some communities.

5. Aberdeen:

Known for its logging industry and connections to rock legend Kurt Cobain, Aberdeen is located on the Olympic Peninsula. However, the city has suffered from increased crime, especially in regions where there are socioeconomic difficulties. Particularly after dark, visitors to Aberdeen should use caution and refrain from straying into unknown neighborhoods.

Even though these locations might have their own special charms and cultural offerings, visitors should consider the hazards before making vacation plans. To guarantee safe and pleasurable travel, it is imperative to be informed about the current state of safety in every place and take the appropriate precautions.

In the Conclusion

Even though Washington State provides visitors with a multitude of unique experiences, it’s crucial to be aware of high-crime communities and proceed with caution when visiting these regions.

Travelers can reduce hazards and fully enjoy the offerings of the Evergreen State by remaining educated, exercising common sense, and adopting the appropriate safety precautions.

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