Safety Alarms Ring Loud as Robberies and Police Chases Rock DC’s Navy Yard

Safety Alarms Ring Loud as Robberies and Police Chases Rock DC's Navy Yard

Washington, DC — In the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, Tuesday was a busy day for several law enforcement agencies.

While working from home, Katelyn Caralle received a call from her husband to come to their apartment window.

Caralle stated, “He had mentioned that there is a lot of police presence and it looks like someone is running down the street. We live in an apartment that looks directly down First Street SE.”

I swiftly turned to face the window and saw a man racing in the direction of our building, followed closely by several police officers riding motorcycles.

Longtime residents of the Navy Yard witnessed the USCP pursuing a potential suspect in the November incident in Northwest Washington.

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That’s basically how it all began, but it continued for the remainder of the day after that when numerous law enforcement officers began to turn up and helicopters began to circle, according to Caralle.

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Around 2:00 p.m., USCP patrol officers allegedly discovered a parked car in the 900 block of First Street that they thought was connected to the incident in November. USCP described what transpired next in a written statement.

According to USCP, “the officers subsequently observed an individual approach the car, turn on a key fob, unlock the car, and go through the driver’s door.” “The individual fled toward an apartment complex along the 800 block of New Jersey Avenue SE despite the officers’ best efforts to stop him.”

The suspect crashed into the opulent Illume residential complex. All nearby buildings were put under lockdown, according to Caralle. Authorities said that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was requested to support USCP in their search for the escaped person.

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For hours, they built an entire perimeter around this spot, according to Caralle.

“You were forced to stay put, lock your doors, and be confined to your apartment for hours before they left without finding him or coming to any sort of resolution.”

The USCP verified that there were no apprehensions in connection with this occurrence.

A few hours later, police received reports of at least two robberies at Navy Yard. At six o’clock in the evening, MPD got a call reporting a robbery in the 900 block of Second Street SE.

Six suspects reportedly surrounded the accused victim as she tried to take objects out of her car, according to an incident report that was received from MPD.

The woman told the police that before they fled, the suspects took her phones, cash, a government-issued work ID, purse, wallet, and keys to her house and car.

Then, around 8:00 p.m., two hours later, police were summoned back to the Navy Yard area about a reported robbery that had taken place in the 1100 block of Second Street.

According to the MPD report, three alleged thieves engaged in combat with a woman over her Kia Forte’s keys.

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The victim’s purse was on her shoulder when [one suspect] seized it. The victim simultaneously held the key fob in her hands and grasped her purse with her hands.

According to the police complaint, the accused victim misplaced her keys after grappling with the perpetrators. Because the steering wheel lock was engaged, the three suspects were unable to take the car. Then, according to the report, the group left the area with the victim’s keys.

Caralle stated that such crimes appeared to be occurring more regularly in her neighborhood after hearing about these events.

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To be honest, I no longer feel as comfortable going alone about at night. I felt more confident to do it when I first got here, said Carlyle. “That sense of safety has diminished as more incidents have happened, as I have heard from my neighbors and know people who have been personally targeted.”

Recall attempts against two members of the D.C. Council have been sparked by violent crime, including occurrences that were incited by minors. Councilman Charles Allen of Navy Yard’s Ward 6 is presently the target of one recall attempt.

Regarding these three occurrences at the Navy Yard, requests for comments were not answered by Allen’s office on Wednesday.

In response to inquiries regarding safety measures in Southeast Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s press secretary merely acknowledged receiving requests for comments.

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